Velkommen til Marton Outdoors hjemmeside!

So far, the webshop is only in Norwegian.  Here is a shot information in English for our English- speeking customers

Bob`s Your Uncle is made with a comfortable wide lining and with a soft nylon on the outside and Thinsulate Platinum as insulation for the best quality and comfort. "The Bob" as a solid orange zipper from YKK alongside the garmet to make sure it`s easy to put on.  The entire Bob can be inverted into the front pocket for transport.  We have included a drawstring at the lower end, to make sure you can tightend the product around the legs on cold days.

Bob`s Your Uncle are perfect in your packpack when skiing or hiking, on soccermatches and other outside spectator event, by the campfire, in your boat or in any place you might be cold.

For orders outside Norway, please contact us here:

Tone Markussen, Cellphone:  +47 930 90 654 or E- mail: